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The "Le Murate" building is located in the center of Florence, Italy. Beeing a prior monastery and prison the walls and spaces of this historical building required a sensitive approach for a new concept. 

The aim of this redesign is to create a new place of connection, exchange, education, display and reunion in the city of Florence wich is thought to happen through the two main fields of food and art. The new emerging cultural centre called “ArtFood” combines this two fields not only in his program but also in his naming and visual identity. 

Considering the history of the building and the role food played during the times beeing a monastery and a prison and the neighbourhood of Sant Ambrodgios food market, ArtFood today wants to celebrate the accessibility of food and discover new ways of preparing and enjoying it together. One can enjoy the food in the ArtFood café, restaurant or garden or through cooking by its own within a cooking class, learning from chefs or sharing with friends. 

As past forms of art happening in this building one can name the work of typography, drawing and fine arts in the monastery. Therefore the art corner in the ArtFood complex is a space for exhibitions of nowadays contemporary artists, but also for education, events and classes within the workshop area. For the nearby Architecture department of the Florence University, ArtFood is a spot to host a lot of curious and interested students in different types of art. 

Created in 2021

Master project at FIDI Florence Institute of Design International

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